A Congressman who gets it

I saw a politician last week. I had not attended a political event since I went to one of Sam Coppersmith's townhalls some 18 years ago. Mr. Coppersmith rode Bill Clinton's coattails into office. When I went to that townhall, Mr. Coppersmith had recently voted for the Assault Weapons Ban. When I questioned him about it, he defined an assault weapon as one that shoots at a high cyclic rate without much accuracy. Why then, I asked, was the AR-15 on the list while the Ruger Mini-14 was not? Both shoot the same round (.223) at the same cyclic rate (one shot for each pull of the trigger) with similar accuracy. He responded that the AWB was one of the most technical pieces of legislation that Congress had considered that term. Magna cum laude from Harvard, law degree from Yale, and he thought the AWB was technical. Thankfully, he has gone back to practicing real estate law. There were plenty of chairs in the room last week but only one man in the front row, so I thought, I may as well go up...(Read Full Post)