Will Obama Have to Buy a Used Volt?

Barack Obama recently told an audience of auto workers that he would personally buy a Chevy Volt when he leaves office five years from now. Based on the information coming out of Detroit today, he may have to buy a used one. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that General Motors is suspending production of the Volt for five weeks to get their production aligned with sales. Based on sales performance to date, we can speculate that the announced five week alignment process could well extend into the infinite future, making Obama's promised purchase a problem. Of course, if we here at American Thinker have our way, he could be in the market as early as next January. Considering the pace at which Volts are moving off dealers' show room floors, even if production never resumes, there should still be quite an inventory for the prez to select from.  Sad Hill News comments: (Read Full Post)