Who pays for birth control?

It seems to me this issue has become unnecessarily tangled. Let's set aside the Catholics -- the real ones, that is. Does a regular, non-religious employer (or college) have an obligation to provide "free" birth control? My instinct would be to say no. On the principle that in any case, and without special circumstances, it's wrong to make A pay for B's lunch (and then pretend that that lunch is "free"). If you're willing to think hard about this, "free" birth control only means that people who don't use birth control (whatever their sex) will pay for those who do. To put this starkly -- let's make person B -- the woman whose birth control ($1,000 a year?) is being paid for -- a super-rich investment banker (they do exist, you know). And let's make person A -- the person who is paying for that birth control -- another woman, who doesn't use birth control, who is a poor, inner city teacher. Is that fair? Are there special circumstances that would justify such a rule? Maybe. It seems to...(Read Full Post)