Which Government Does the U.S. Bill of Rights Limit?

To answer this question, we must start by determining who ratified the U.S. Constitution.  Was it ratified by individuals or by the states? The first answer can be found in Article VII of the U.S. Constitution itself (emphasis added in all quotations): The ratification of the conventions of nine States shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the same. The second answer can be found in the journal of the convention, which records only the votes of the states.  Once more, it was the states (not individual delegates) that cast the votes in the convention.  Additionally, each state specified what portion of its delegation needed to be present to act and cast the states' vote. It is also critically important to understand the structure and construction of the U.S. Constitution before attempting to read and interpret it.  So what was the purpose of drafting and ratifying the U.S. Constitution?  Very simply, the...(Read Full Post)