Where's the world's smallest violin when you need it?

Occupy Wall Street is running out of money and will be broke in three weeks, according to the group's accounting committee. New York Post: The report said, "At our current rate of expenditure, we will be out of money in THREE WEEKS." The report - posted on the group's websitewww.nycga.net - showed $1,556 had been raised that week, while $14,942 had been spent on the group's kitchen, street medics, New York bus and subway passes, and printing costs. The latest donation total constrasted sharply with the estimated $500,000 the group raised within weeks of setting up camp at Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17. Since Occupy Wall Street began, it has received more than $730,000 in donations, according to the accounting group. It has a fiscal sponsor, the Tucson-based Alliance for Global Justice, which allows donations to be tax exempt. Critics say the Occupy movement lacks direction and specific demands and has lost momentum. Occupy protest crowds in New York and other U.S. cities have ...(Read Full Post)