What's for Lunch, Mom?

Your child's school lunch menu may list more than what's to eat. Here in liberal Delaware, the elementary and middle public school menus for the week include Michelle Obama's blue plate special insignia, a good nutrition logo which cost tax payers $2 million.  In the upper right hand corner is an earnest lecture about the virtues of whole grain foodstuffs. OK, fair enough.  We concede that kids ought to know about a balanced diet, which the school menu for Friday, March 16 does offer.  Choice of One Pepperoni Pizza PB&J Uncrustable Tuna Sub Grilled Chicken Salad Dairy Lunchable Choice of Two Marinated Fresh Veggie Salad Mixed Fruit Assorted Fresh Fruit Raw Veggies Available Daily But, dear parent, how many of you think your child is going to pick the grilled chicken salad?  Is Suzy going to go for raw veggies or the marinated fresh veggie salad?  Will Frankie, Jr. go for the grilled chicken salad and the mixed fruit? No. You and I know Suzy and Frankie...(Read Full Post)