Wash. post defends Iran against Netanyahu's nuke warnings

As Benjamin Netanyahu prepares for his meeting with President Obama at the White House next Monday, the Washington Post runs an article by Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg about the prime minister's repeated warnings that Iran is determined to acquire nuclear weapons and eliminate the Jewish state.  ("Netanyahu sharpens his message of action on Iran - Israeli leader weighs options as he prepares for visit to U.S." page A12, March 1). Calls by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the "dissolution of Israel, his denial of the Holocaust and his support of militant groups sworn to Israel's destruction have led Netanyahu to depict him as another Hitler," Greenberg writes.  And he quotes Netanyahu as telling the Knesset on Holocaust Remembrance Day that "another genocide" could be in the offing if the world remains silent. Greenberg, however, buys none of this.  As far as he's concerned, Netanyahu's warnings are way over the top and there's no genocidal threat from...(Read Full Post)