Uncle Sam's Female Crash Test Dummies

Uncle Sam and President Obama are full of curious contradictions, aren't they?  Particularly when it comes to motor vehicle safety.  And particularly when it comes to compact and subcompact cars.      The Washington Post reported in its Sunday edition that government tests using female crash test dummies demonstrate that women are 20 to 40 percent more likely to sustain serious injuries or be killed in head-on accidents at 35 mph.  That's in tests conducted in the larger, better-safety-rated Toyota Sienna minivan.     Seems that women, being smaller and anatomically different, are more at risk in certain sorts of front passenger crashes.  Not that men are greatly less at risk of serious injury or death in head-on collisions at threshold speeds.  But if women are running higher safety risks in larger vehicles, why, O why would the Obama administration and Washington bureaucrats be working so tirelessly to shoehorn Americans...(Read Full Post)