The Taker Nation

From time to time, I am a guest on WJJC radio in Commerce, Georgia -- a town in the Greater Atlanta area.  Actually, I'm their "economic expert", and I typically appear on the show when they are discussing economic issues, but since I have written about religious and political issues as well, sometimes I appear when they are discussing those issues.  The show is called "America in Crisis".  It's co-hosted by John Gaissert and Craig Fischer.  John is a retired Navy officer who now serves as police chief in Commerce.  Craig is a longtime radio man. Yesterday, I appeared on the show to talk about the global economic outlook in general and the U.S. economy specifically.  Toward the end of the show, John played a clip from a Michael Savage radio broadcast and asked for my comments.  The clip was of an exchange between Savage and a female call-in guest who tried to convince him that the problem with the U.S. is that "rich people" don't pay their fair share...(Read Full Post)