The Pundit and the Bishops

With friends and defenders like the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne, the Catholic Church (and all churches and synagogues) need no enemies.  Dionne, under the guise of offering helpful advice to Roman Catholic bishops in the contraception flap with President Obama, instead plays Trojan horse in attempting to undercut the Church's 1st Amendment rights.  Thankfully, the esteemed George Weigel offers a powerful refutation of Dionne's sly mush at National Review Online.     Dionne wrote on Monday a commentary for the Washington Post that one guesses he thinks was an artful way to bring Catholic bishops to heel in the fight for the free expression of religious belief.    Here' the lead from Dionne's bleating: The nation's Roman Catholic bishops will make an important decision this week: Do they want to defend the church's legitimate interest in religious autonomy, or do they want to wage an election-year war against President...(Read Full Post)