The high cost of China's low prices

Matt Holzman thinks we are making a big mistake buying technology from China and explains: Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism czar, made some very provocative statements to Smithsonian Magazine that were released today. He is deeply concerned that computer viruses such as the Stuxnet used against the Iranian nuclear program can be planted in electronics equipment manufactured in China. To quote from the interview and make my point, it is a lengthy quote. "Clarke claims, for instance, that the manufacturer of the F-35, our next-generation fighter-bomber, has been penetrated and F-35 details stolen. And don't get him started on our supply chain of chips, routers and hardware we import from Chinese and other foreign suppliers and what may be implanted in them-"logic bombs," trapdoors and "Trojan horses," all ready to be activated on command so we won't know what hit us. Or what's already hitting us. "My greatest fear," Clarke says, "is that, rather than having a...(Read Full Post)