Stephanie Decker's Message to Would-be Mothers

The definition of "motherly" is "caring, protective, and kind," and all of these words apply to mom/hero Stephanie Decker of Henryville, Indiana. In the path of a group of deadly tornadoes churning through the middle of the country, to save her children Stephanie was willing to lose her life, and in the process lost portions of both her legs. The Scripture says that "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." In this case, Stephanie's friends were her children. With a mother's protective love and intuition, Decker realized that the approaching storm would be devastating and that if she didn't protect her babies there was a good chance they could lose their lives. As the storm bore down, Decker hurried her children into the basement, swaddled them in a blanket to keep them together, and rather than protect herself, safeguarded them with her body. Stephanie described the scene: "The pillars, the steel beams, the bricks, everything from the house was...(Read Full Post)