Shovel-Ready Jobs in the Central Valley

I was temporarily heartened to read that a Republican congressman from California had introduced legislation to return badly needed irrigation to that state's Central Valley.  Investor's Business daily, in an editorial noted that Representative David Nunes of Visalia is sponsoring HR 1837,  the Sacramento-San Joaquin Water Reliability Act, which, according to Nunes: "...restores the flow of water and establishes a framework for meaningful environmental improvements. It is a repudiation of the left's assault on rural communities, which began with the decimation of the West's timber industry and now is focused on Central Valley agriculture." IBD notes that this bill marks the first time this matter of Central Valley irrigation rights has been addressed in Congress. For the uninitiated, federal courts, ruling in favor of the EPA, numerous environmental wacko groups and a fingerling fish called the Delta Smelt, long ago turned off the irrigation waters that flowed from northern...(Read Full Post)