Representative Rush wears hoody on Congressional floor

Hours after former Black Panther and now representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) was removed from the House of Representatives floor for wearing inappropriate clothing--a hoodie with its hood covering his scalp, ears and neck plus sunglasses, a nod to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin--the following occurred in his Congressional district and neighboring districts. Except for a few incidents the victims and the perpetrators all resembled the (would be) sons of Rush, Reverend Al Sharpton and President Barack Obama and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The latter two have homes not too far from most of these events. "Three men killed in West Woodlawn apartment"  "Man accused of hanging dog by tire from tree"  "Violence in Chicago leaves 3 injured, one dead in shootings, stabbings"  "Man charged with murder after turning himself in at South Side church" "Homeowner, 80, charged in shooting of burglar: 'Unjust that I can't protect me' "  "3 teens shot in Marquette Park" As...(Read Full Post)