Rally for religious freedom in NYC

'This isn't about birth control. It's about government control.' "Did you come to protest?" "It's not a protest. It's a rally." Actually, the Priests for Life Rally for Religious Freedom event felt at times like a religious service with multiple people giving their Testimony. And the crowd did sing "We Shall Overcome" and "Amazing Grace" at two breaks between speakers later in the rally.  We were standing near the steps of Federal Hall, the 1842 stone building erected on the Lower Manhattan site of the original building where Congress first met and passed The First Amendment, along with the rest of The Bill of Rights. This is the place  PriestsforLife.org had decided to hold their New York rally to support their religious rights, specifically to resist the Obama administration's Health and Human Services Department attempt to force Catholic - and other religious groups - to pay for birth control through insurance coverage or other coercive means. There were 140 such rallies...(Read Full Post)