Priorities, priorities

It is reassuring to know that in times of economic hardships that are affecting every member of American society, our administration has its priorities in order. Rising gas prices, business failures, and shoddy leadership are apparently not as much of a priority as financing the Islamists, as this week the administration was very happy to do. And yes, he shared our wealth. First we have Mali, where the military stormed media and government buildings in a coup this week, sealing the borders, arresting top ministers and a current manhunt that is now under way for the MIA president.  While this one has yet to fully play out, as reported by Reuters and ahramonline, we're not going to be cutting the $140 million in annual financing anytime soon. Not to be outdone, the perpetual whiners for free money, the Palestinians, were rewarded with $88.6 million this week for humanitarian purposes. Representative Kay Granger announced she was ready for the entire $147 million in U.S. assistance...(Read Full Post)