Peter Beinart, a favorite of Israel bashers, edges closer to Bibi than to Abbas

Peter Beinart, a former editor of the New Republic and a rising star for Israel bashers, has an op-ed column in the March 19 edition of the New York Times, entitled "To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements." Beinart takes special aim at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and what he terms his "pro-settler policies" in the West Bank   He accuses Netanyahu of setting the stage for a one-state solution - permanent Israeli control of the West Bank.  And he advocates a boycott of goods produced by settlers beyond the 1949 armistice line in order to halt or reverse such a trend. But it's when Beinart starts sketching an outline of what a future peace may hold for Israel and the Palestinians that things get really interesting.  In fact, on three major dimensions of a two-state deal, Beinart ends up closer to Bibi than to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. For starters, Beinart declares his opposition to a "right of return" to Israel for millions of Palestinian refugees...(Read Full Post)