OWS inciting May Day violence

May 1st is Communism's favorite holiday, meant to celebrate the rise of the working class. Communists appropriated the day, which was long celebrated (it is pre-Christian) in Northern Europe as a spring festival. Naturally, the Occupiers, somewhat dormant over the winter, are picking up on it, and producing posters and other materials openly inciting violence. Urban Infidel has the story. This poster, while angry, does not cross the line to violence.   But this one does: In case you are visiting from Daily Kos and missed the point:   Our federal government stands by silent, as forces such as OWS and the New Black Panthers openly encourage vigilante justice, riots, insurrection, and obstruction of elections. Barack Obama has a lot to answer for, but the encouragement provided to OWS and the NBP, not to mention SEIU, in lawless intimidation will  be remembered by history as an attack on civil society and law and order. Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.com(Read Full Post)