One year anniversary of Syrian uprising marked by pro-Assad rallies

President Assad may be slaughtering civilians in several cities but that hasn't stopped his loyal minions from responding to an orchestrated show of support for the Syrian dictator. Reuters: Flag-waving crowds took to the streets of Syrian cities on Thursday in an orchestrated show of loyalty to President Bashar al-Assad on the first anniversary of an increasingly bloody revolt against his rule. Official media announced government forces had cleared "armed terrorists" from the northwestern city of Idlib, suggesting the army was gaining ground in the uprising which has cost at least 8,000 lives and crippled the Syrian economy. Opposition activists said soldiers had fired on people trying to stage anti-regime protests in various locations and reported evidence of fresh atrocities, including the discovery of 23 bodies, some with signs of torture, near Idlib. State television showed thousands of people in central Damascus, waving portraits of Assad and flags of Syria, Russia and China....(Read Full Post)