Occupier arsonists accidentally set themselves on fire

Further proof --not that more was needed--that in addition to being selfish and greedy, many of the occupiers are mighty stupid. Two Colorado 20 somethings self described "anti government" occupiers who "wanted to 'do something to a judicial building' " decided to burn Green Mountain Falls historic town hall. Each poured about five gallons of gasoline inside. Shaffer grabbed both gas cans and was heading toward the window when he heard the vapors ignite. He said he threw the gas cans out the window and, realizing he was on fire, rolled on the ground to extinguish the flames. He also saw that Lawrence was on fire. One of the occupier arsonists was treated at a hospital's burn unit for second and third degree burns, the other for third degree burns to his hands and ankles. Both have been arrested, charged and are free on bond. The innocent citizens of the town though will bear the heaviest consequences of the arsonists' destructive behavior. The historic Green Mountain Falls building...(Read Full Post)