Obama's solidarity with 'marginalized' Muslim enclaves of Europe

Obama's representatives in Europe are on an apology and outreach mission to affirm US solidarity with "marginalized" Muslim enclaves and pressing foreign governments to open up their institutions to accommodate Islamic cultural norms (i.e., to become more Sharia compliant). In Spain, the U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont told Muslims assembled at the town hall-like meeting in the heart of Barcelona's old city that Barack Obama wants to improve America's image in the Middle East as quickly as possible by closing the "dark chapters" of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. In Ireland, the U.S. Ambassador Dan Rooney, a lifelong Republican turned Obama acolyte, told members of a seminar held to help Muslim immigrants increase their influence within the Irish business and financial communities, that the US was "solidly behind" efforts to bring the Irish banking system into conformity with Islamic legal principles. In Austria, the US Ambassador William Eacho, an Obama campaign...(Read Full Post)