Obama urges Cameron to pile on Israel

The New York Times is reporting that Prime Minister David Cameron will add Britain's voice to that of President Obama when it comes to discouraging Israel from attacking Iran's nuclear program. Barack Obama is concerned that oil prices might strike and doom his reelection prospects. We should not be surprised that David Cameron would help Barack Obama.  According to a report in the prestigious and not Israel-friendly Economist magazine, Barack Obama suggested to Cameron last year that Cameron pressure Israel: If Mr Cameron offers Israel mixed messages, he does so with the blessing of America's president, normally reliable diplomatic sources claim. Faced with what they see as the intransigence of the Israeli government led by Binyamin Netanyahu, Europe's big beasts and America are moving closer in outlook, according to those sources. Before the UN vote of February 18th, Barack Obama reportedly encouraged Mr Cameron and others to take a tough line on Israel. In phone calls to his...(Read Full Post)