Obama tells the Iranians not to call his bluff - but why shouldn't they?

President Obama sat down and spoke to a friendly journalist, Jeffrey Goldberg, to chat about Iran's nuclear program.  He again repeated that it was "unacceptable" for Iran to have a nuclear bomb and that on Iran, "I don't bluff." Actually, to paraphrase one of his campaign lines, "Yes He Does"! For three years, Obama and his underlings -- including but not limited to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- have proclaimed deadline after deadline regarding the steps the Iranian regime must take regarding its nuclear program.  All those deadlines were ignored by the mullahs with no consequences.  In fact, the deadlines were not only futile, but damaging, since they revealed that the man in the Oval Office was a bad poker player and a paper tiger.  After a while it must have become embarrassing even to the White House, so Obama and his people stopped talking about deadlines. For example, President Obama had given at least his fourth deadline to Iran as of...(Read Full Post)