Obama, Israel, and Iran

What to do about Iran's nuclear weapons development program is the major issue that will be discussed during the meeting in Washington on Monday between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Both men agree that Iran cannot be allowed to develop and possess nuclear weapons because the results for the Middle East in general and the United States and Israel in particular would be catastrophic. Israelis are especially threatened because there is no doubt whatsoever that Iran's first order of business after acquiring nuclear weapons would be to attack Israel with them in an effort to wipe the country off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. That is a given and the Israeli's know it. They also know that the only way to stop an attack from happening is to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran's hands in the first place, that military intervention is the only way to do it, that the chances of Obama launching a preemptive strike are non-existent, that they will have to...(Read Full Post)