Not a Tree

I think that I would love to see a still-in-college subsidy An underwriting grant for drugs absent the usual campus thugs A fast-deposit monthly fee from clown-prince Obama straight to me I think a massage ~ hot-stones sounds nice A guy to give it ~ please, no Old Spice Some La Perla underwear would fit If upon a male member I should sit Chateaubriand? Oh, twice a week and yoga class when peace I seek Why should I spring for anything when mental anguish makes me sting? I'm such a pearl, I need life blessed ~See that anguish hit our chest?   [You narrow-minded little folk   Can't take a tiny little joke.]   Sure I'm rutting like a sow giving guys vajayjay now   It's all my right! I am Woman Free birth control, I have it comin'!   Viva La Revolucion, mis ninas, yo! Watch me bash our right-wing foe   Is it a fluke that Rush is roiled when US kids are quite this spoiled? (Read Full Post)