No Fluke at all

Charles Murray would recognize the Sandra Fluke we all met at Nancy Pelosi's dog and pony show as the very model future denizen of the "archetypal upper-middle-class" enclave described in his recent Coming Apart. This alarm-clock owning, well put together, marriage and childbearing-deferring young woman seems well on track to permanent residence in Belmont, Murray's term for the places where the new elite tend to live. She exhibited the civilized, but self-assured and poised demeanor, down to that  annoying slightly breathy dropping of the voice at the end of her sentences that marks a woman who has punched the proper baccalaureate and professional school tickets. Like a true aspiring Belmonter she embraces civic involvement, which, in her case manifests itself in joining the struggle to foist some form of liberal orthodoxy on the rest of us -- in her case the notion that "access" to contraception is a problem for women in this country. Her willingness to pick up and carry the...(Read Full Post)