Mrs. Biggest Loser Set to Appear on 'The Biggest Loser'

White House officials say Mrs. Obama and her daughters are on another private family trip, shopping, meeting up with Taylor Swift, and disobeying Dad by going to Las Vegas.  If the calculation is correct, this is probably the official mother-daughter post- February ski vacation/pre-spring-break vacation, soon to be followed by the June mother-daughter pre-summer-vacation vacation. Michelle Obama has certainly done her fair share of in-your-face indulging.  The first lady's shameless short list includes a whirlwind New York City "foodie tour," $600 soup-ladling sneakers, flying in a deep-dish pizza chef from Chicago, and hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed Hollywood party in the midst of a recession. Target shopper Mrs. Obama wore a $2,000 sundress to church while vacationing on a $4 million trip to Hawaii, wastes tax monies flying to vacation locales mere hours ahead of the President, and for a State of the Union address where her husband addressed the abysmal state of the...(Read Full Post)