May I have a dose of personal responsibility?

I read Ed Lasky's blog piece yesterday on President Obama's hypocritical data-mining efforts versus his public pronouncements on privacy policies.  One sentence of Mr. Lasky's article stuck in my craw: He wants to capture the young and libertarian-minded people by loudly broadcasting his desire to protect their privacy on-line, while he commands his campaign to spend millions of dollars to snoop on them for campaign purposes. It struck me as an odd statement, because I see a lot of my contemporaries that want to have their cake and eat it too.  I think Mr. Lasky exposes a separate, but related, issue entirely, and it's the same as the root issue with President Obama's contraception mandate, and a lot of the Occupy protestors too.  With the case of private corporations' privacy policies, some people take exception to all of the data collected, which is then bundled and sold to data brokers.  Here's my problem with their misplaced anger: no one forced them to sign...(Read Full Post)