Law School Priorities

When I was in law school at Loyola in Chicago I needed coffee at lot more than I had time for sex. This was long before the likes of Starbucks.  My choices were the 8 oz cup of instant from the vending machine in the student lounge, a 10 oz cup of house blend from the McDonald's down the block or, for the same price as Mickey D's, a  twice as large cup of Maxwell House from a greasy spoon across the street called Mr. J's.    The coffee options around Georgetown Law School in 2012 are far more upscale. There is artisanal roasted coffee at Peets, which has a shop located right in the law center,    The student run Uncommon Grounds offers drinks like a Road to Joy (a macadamia nut iced chai latte) and Sweet Emotion (a white chocolate mint iced mocha).  Another student favorite is nearby Saxby's, a chain that patterns itself after Starbucks but according to fans without the bitter over roasting.  Looking at the menus to these places it wouldn't...(Read Full Post)