Kathleen Sebelius's War on Green Algae Power

Before she became czarina of ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius was the governor of Kansas.  In that role she vetoed the construction of the expansion of Sunflower Power's Holcomb power plant.  To fully understand the potential of algae power, you need to start with the basics of understanding algae. Algae is a very simple form of plant life.  As such, it needs the same sort of inputs as other forms of plant life.  Being a farm state, Kansans know plants!  So they understand that plants need sources of carbon and hydrogen and oxygen to form carbohydrates, plus nitrogen to form amino acids.  Plants also thrive in sunlight, using photosynthesis to grow, especially in warm, moist environments.  So if one wanted to grow algae to make renewable power, one would want sources of all those elements. Coal is the remains of long-dead plant life, so it is full of all those essential nutrients for modern plant life, having been plant life itself millennia ago....(Read Full Post)