Jeffrey Goldberg: A Dying Breed

Few would argue with the assertion that Jeffrey Goldberg is a prominent and respected member of the liberal media.  He has interviewed notable figures ranging from President Obama to Fidel Castro  (ok, maybe it's not that wide a range), and he has been published in the most influential  magazines and national newspapers.  And his liberal credentials are impeccable, with his support of socially liberal policies in the U.S. and his pushing for a Palestinian State and an end to the Israeli settlements abroad. Lately, though, many of his colleagues on the left have become increasingly unwelcoming to Mr. Goldberg.  To those on the left, it has become a mortal sin to reject any criticism of Israel and its supporters or, even worse, to actually defend Israel's policies.  Case in point,  Goldberg recently denounced the use of the historically anti semitic term "Israel-firster" to describe certain supporters of israel.  To several prominent left-wing...(Read Full Post)