Israel fiddles while Syria burns

"No peace, no war" has been the arrangement with Syria since 1973. The outcome of the present civil war in Syria has the potential to change that arrangement for better or worse. Israel has stayed out of the fray at least publicly. No covert actions have yet come to light. Like it or not, things are happening in Syria which will impact Israel considerably, So she should choose sides and try to affect the outcome. The Obama administration has come out in support of the Syrian National Council (SNC) which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and is working in cahoots with Islamist Turkey. If they do succeed in taking over Syria, it would put Israel in greater extremis.  The Muslim Brotherhood is sworn to its destruction and Turkey is no friend. Luckily the SNC does not have popular support in Syria and is not gaining traction. The recent Friends of Syria conclave held in Tunis failed to unify the 60 plus countries taking part. China and Russia were not invited. Nor was the...(Read Full Post)