Investigation shows 5 US soldiers responsible for Koran burning

The incident was the result of the soldiers "misinterpreting" their orders. LA Times: A U.S. military investigation into the burning of the Muslim holy book in a trash pit in Afghanistan last month found that several enlisted soldiers had misinterpreted an order to dispose of the Korans, two officials familiar with the findings said Friday. The investigation found that five U.S. soldiers were responsible for confiscating the Korans and other religious materials from a U.S.-run detention facility near Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, and dumping them in a pit used to incinerate trash. News of the incident sparked attacks that killed six Americans and riots that left more than 30 people dead. Hundreds of Western military and civilian advisors working at Afghan government offices were withdrawn by embassies and NATO commanders as the crisis grew. U.S. officials said several of the soldiers, who have not been publicly identified, are likely to face disciplinary proceedings....(Read Full Post)