IL polls show Tuesday's primary is Mitt's to lose

According to Rasmussen, Romney has opened a comfortable 9 point lead in Illinois in advance of the primary there on Tuesday. A Fox News poll has it a little closer; Romney by 6 points. RCP: Nonetheless, 32 percent of those surveyed say they could change their minds by Tuesday, signaling a somewhat fluid contest. Romney leads Santorum by nine points among men and eight points among women. The former Massachusetts governor leads across all age groups, but takes seniors by double digits. Santorum leads by eight points among the most conservative voters, while Romney leads by 20 points among those who identity as somewhat conservative. Sixty-eight percent view Romney favorably while 30 percent have a negative opinion of him. Santorum's favorability rating is virtually the same. Gingrich gets a positive net of 8 percent while Paul receives a negative net of 23 percent. Romney released a television ad Friday in Illinois attacking Santorum as "The Wrong Choice." And a super PAC...(Read Full Post)