Here comes the push to nationalize education

Education reformer Michelle Rhee appeared on Fox News to denigrate Republican candidates running for president. She doesn't "understand why they're not talking about merit pay...tenure, and last-in-first-out" in their debates and campaign stops. Instead some have talked about dismantling the entire Department of Education. To which the social entrepreneur responds: The notion that the answer is to get rid of the Department of Education and go back to local control is actually pretty ludicrous. What they're saying is that we should allow thousands of local school boards most of which are controlled by teachers' unions to dictate what's happening instead of setting a national standard for what is happening in our country which will make our kids competitive with kids internationally. I just think it's absolutely out of touch and it's the wrong focus. Wow. Media-hyped, Republican governor backed Michelle Rhee wants the public schools in America to be run by a central governing...(Read Full Post)