GOP voters 'more enthusiastic' despite negative campaign - Gallup

The only problem with this poll is that it survey's all voters, not just registered or likely voters. Still, as a barometer of national mood, it is instructive regarding the GOP race and how badly Republican and GOP-leaning independents want to vote out the current occupant of the White House. Gallup: By 53% to 45%, Republicans, including independents who lean Republican, are slightly more likely than Democrats and Democratic leaners to say they are "more enthusiastic than usual about voting" this year. Republicans have consistently led Democrats in voting enthusiasm since last fall, but to varying degrees. The latest reading is from a Feb. 16-19 USA Today/Gallup poll. The 53% of Republicans who feel more enthusiastic about voting today -- as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are engaged in a pitched nomination battle -- is greater than the 44% found in February 2008 when John McCain and Mike Huckabee were still dueling in the primaries. Still, Republicans today are not nearly as...(Read Full Post)