Fluke's Medical Inaccuracies

The most irresponsible story in Sandra Fluke's presentation to a Democrat-organized panel is that of a law student who has been raped and refuses to seek medical attention.  Reportedly, the student was concerned that her insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the exam since contraception is not a covered expense.  It would be difficult to be more demeaning to the intelligence of a woman who has suffered a violent crime.  As per the Violence Against Women Act, a forensic gynecological exam is provided at no cost to any rape victim, even if the rape goes unreported to legal authorities.   Although it may be that many rape victims are afraid to let anyone know about these crimes, it is ludicrous to suggest that the Catholic Church could rectify this problem by providing contraception.    The highlight of the absurd testimony occurred when Ms. Fluke emphasized the medical need for contraception, describing a gay (to illustrate a non contraceptive use)...(Read Full Post)