First rumblings of anti-war movement in Israel

Expect to see more of this and larger demonstrations if the war drums keep beating. Financial Times: About 1,000 protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night, urging the government not to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. They chanted anti-war slogans, and waved posters with messages such as "Talk, Don't Bomb". Demonstrators said they were afraid an attack on Iran could unleash a broader war with devastating consequences. "I don't think we should attack Iran," said Dalia Kraid, a protester. "If we strike, instead of preventing a nuclear war we might start one," she added. Ifat Zvirin, another demonstrator, said: "We are afraid, like most of the people in the country who are against a war with Iran. We want all the Middle East to become a nuclear weapon-free zone, and that includes Israel." The Tel Aviv demonstration was small even by the standards of Israel's much-diminished peace movement. However, as several protesters were quick to point out, the marchers...(Read Full Post)