Fairness Indoctrination

When I got home tonight, my 6 year old told me what she learned in kindergarten today.  She was so proud, you could just tell.  Finally, she had something to report to Daddy.  "Today I learned the definition of the word fair," she said.  "When you have something and you give half to your friend, that is fair."  I was somewhat taken aback, and more than a little annoyed at our educational system.  I had to explain to her that that was only a definition of fair if you are a socialist, and it's not in any dictionary.  If you give your friend half of your cookie, that is being nice.  That is sharing (though you needn't give your friend that much for it to be considered sharing).  When you give your friend half your allowance, your friend is named Bubba, and he threatens to beat you if you don't, that is not sharing.  When you give half your income to the federal government, that is highway robbery, and you are considered to be part of the...(Read Full Post)