Duties, Priorities, and Arrogance

There is much buzz today about how news stories of Malia Obama's Spring vacation in Mexico with her classmates keep getting sent down the Internet memory hole.  If the story is true, one thing I have not seen mentioned in a lot is the lack of judgment shown by her parents in allowing this trip.  It is an international incident waiting to happen.  The situation In Mexico so perilous the State Department has warned Americans to entirely avoid some areas and to remain vigilant even in traditional resorts areas like Acapulco.   According to the news stories I read before they disappeared, 25 Secret Service agents and other security personal have accompanied Malia and her classmates.  The task of Secret Service personnel becomes more difficult when they operate outside of US territory because their mission is not coterminous with the duties of law enforcement officials in the host nation.   When they are protecting the President and other senior...(Read Full Post)