Down to the wire in Illinois

Despite polls showing Romney up by as much as 9 points over  Rick Santorum, Mitt isn't taking any chances. He will blitz the state of Illinois today, after spending most of the day yesterday caravanning the norther tier of the state where most of his support is drawn. Romney is worried that a lack of passion among his supporters will mean a lower turnout in the Chicago suburbs where most of his voters are likely to come. Meanwhile Santorum is drawing large crowds in the central and southern part of the state and has the enthusiastic backing of tea party and evangelical voters. Chicago Tribune: "Sen. Santorum, I think, has the same characteristic as the president in terms of his background," Romney told a crowd of more than 200 people at an American Legion hall pancake breakfast in Moline. "He spent his life in government. Nothing wrong with that. But right now we need somebody who understands the economy fundamentally." Santorum, who campaigned in Louisiana on Sunday before...(Read Full Post)