Democratic women must pay for their own red, white and blue nail polish

As part of their war on women the Democratic Party has decided that if women want to exercise their right to decorate their nails in patriotic color themed polish encased in glass bottles embossed with President Obama "O" logo and packaged in a collectible bag that will cost them $40, it will not be  covered by federal funded health insurance or by food stamps. Yet. Red-y To Win Red - A delightfully deep red, a bold pop of color that makes a statement. Victory White - A soft, clean white perfectly polished for every day wear. Bo Blue - A shimmering sapphire blue, a fun take on the classic navy. Made in the USA. Why is the Obama re election campaign engaged in such petty trade at the expense of women? Nail polish in similar colors is available for as little as $1 a bottle at neighborhood pharmacies, Targets, Wal-Marts etc. According to Politico, this is one way of keeping low dollar supporters engaged with the campaign and driving up overall contribution numbers. It's part of...(Read Full Post)