Debt crisis? What debt crisis?

While the country was distracted by the MSM's carefully orchestrated faux contraception crisis, February's budget deficit added an additional $229 billon to out nation's debt.  Yes, you read that right. We are continuing to squander the wealth of the richest nation in history at an astronomical rate.  $229 billion breaks down as: $7.9 billion a day $329 million an hour $5.5 million a minute $91,000 a second $26 in additional debt each day for every one of our 307 million fellow Americans The interest on the Federal debt for February was $101 billion "Net interest on the public debt rose by $11 billion (or 13 percent) [in February] as a result of substantial growth in the national debt over the past year." - CBO Those are the hard facts. Our political leadership in Congress and the White House has utterly failed in their Constitutional duty to serve the people of the United States. The primary duty of the federal government is plainly written in the Preamble to the...(Read Full Post)