Corrine Brown and the Forgotten Innocent

Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-FL) is no stranger to finding her foot in her mouth. Among the more hilarious examples that I can remember (impossible to forget, actually) was when Ms. Brown chose to defend the practice of gerrymandering. She said: "Do you know who Gerry Mandering was? He was a white legislator that had a lot of power. And what we want to make sure is everybody has a fair opportunity to have representation in the United States Congress. In the House, the Senate, the city council and the school boards." She is speaking, of course, about Eldridge Gerry, Massachusetts governor and U.S. Vice President who, in 1812, arranged district lines in such an unconventional way that it was said to resemble a salamander. Thus, "gerrymandering" became the preferred nomenclature for the practice redistricting for political purpose rather than legislative efficiency. But history isn't the only thing Corrine Brown forgets. Recently, she famously forgot the name of a murdered "young...(Read Full Post)