Confusion, passion at Missouri Caucuses

The Missouri Caucuses promised to be a bewildering mess from the outset. There would be no announcement of total delegates won because there would be no bound delegates in the first place. Also, no straw poll was taken so there was no way to guage the sentiment of caucus goers. To top it off,  at a caucus meeting outside of St. Louis, there was a near riot as 2500 people tried to participate. USA Today: A caucus at a school near St. Louis where roughly 2,500 Republicans had gathered was adjourned before a vote could take place because it got so rowdy that extra police were summoned and two people were arrested for trespassing. Elsewhere, political tensions and divisions led to recounts not only on votes over which candidates should be supported, but even which people should preside over the caucuses. "It looks like a chaotic day around Missouri," said former senator Jim Talent, a Romney campaign adviser who participated in one of the more politically divided caucuses in...(Read Full Post)