Catholics for Romney?

It appears that the Mormon (and moderate) Mitt Romney is getting more support among Catholic Republicans than one might think. From 'The surprise is that the Catholic candidate, Santorum, is losing the Catholic vote,' says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. 'Among Ohio Catholics who are likely to vote on Super Tuesday, 39% back Romney compared to 33% who support Santorum.  Santorum has an advantage among Protestants by a 35%-to-29% margin.' Romney's advantage among Catholics is within the sampling error.  Last week exit polls in neighboring Michigan indicated Romney had an advantage with Catholic voters in that state as well.  Both Michigan and Ohio have sizeable Catholic populations.... As a staunchly pro-life Catholic journalist, I've communicated with a number of devout, pro-life Catholics who strongly oppose the Obama administration's anti-life and anti-family actions.  The interesting thing is, they're not united in who they're supporting in the...(Read Full Post)