Cashless Sweden + No ATM Fees = Total Loss of Freedom

I, like many, have been perplexed over the past few years at the left's constant barrage of "No ATM Fees" and why it seems to be an issue that won't go away.  Every few years it seems to return to the front burner when it comes to Democrats and the left presumably fighting for the little guy. Sure, for consumers who use digital payment for most everything, it seems like a great "populist" idea.  Who wants to pay fees every time he pulls his own money out of his own account?  Really, who has time to go to the bank to get cash?  Furthermore, who needs cash, period?  That is why I thought of this as a political issue and why the Democrats used it as a way of getting votes. I, like most capitalists, realize that there is a cost of doing business and that banks must be able to assess some fees for the use of an ATM card.  But it wasn't until Sweden announced this week that they were going "cashless" that I started adding up the cost of such an action. At...(Read Full Post)