Carbon War erupts in Europe

A battle of world significance has started quietly in Europe. Like all battles it is about energy, resources and ideology. In the red corner, with a coercive utopian green ideology, is Germany, strongly supported by Denmark and UK. This group wants to forcibly wean Europe off carbon fuels by replacing them with sunbeams, sea breezes and fermented food crops. They get self-serving support from places like nuclear powered France, hydro-powered Scandinavia and geothermal Iceland. They are now proposing more drastic cuts in Europe's usage of carbon fuels after 2020. In the blue corner is Poland, with quiet support from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Poland relies on coal power, has undeveloped gas resources and prefers to use its short growing season to produce food, not fuel. The Poles know that nuclear power is the only realistic non-carbon option for Eastern Europe. They have recent experience of coercive central planners, and want to avoid dependence on Russian...(Read Full Post)