Calling out self-censorship on the right

An insidious form of self-censorship has gripped not only the mainstream media but most of the conservative media as well. All Americans who believe in the quest for the truth should be concerned that a rigid taboo is being enforced to prevent the discussion of serious evidence that the President of the United States has presented documents that were constructed on a computer as his genuine birth certificate. Friday, I wrote about the courage of Diana West, an established figure in the conservative literary firmament, who called out the "lapdogs" in the conservative media who are averting their eyes from the questions raised by Sheriff Joes' Cold Case Posse, made up of veteran law officers and attorneys.  Today, one of the most important and respected figures in American high culture, Roger Kimball, takes a stand in support of Ms. West, decrying "the most effective form of censorship" being applied to the troubling bogus document being passed off as genuine by a sitting...(Read Full Post)