Boycott Boomerang

Liberal moonbats have been howling at their blood-red moon in joyful glee and salivating at the prospect of Rush Limbaugh being a red-meat victim of the Democrats' latest political sucker punch. That sucker punch came in the form of a winsome Trojan Mare, a supposedly 23 year-old, Georgetown coed named  Sandra Fluke, who as it turns out, is a 30 year-old hard-core, LGBT-gender issues activist, who enrolled in Georgetown law school fully aware of the school's prohibition against contraception coverage in its student insurance, with the stated purpose of contesting that policy. This old dog's still-functioning nose smells David Axelrod all around this latest attempt to distract the voters away from Obama's dismal performance as a one-term president and to divert public focus onto so-called women's issues. Recognizing that the snow job perpetrated upon America's soccer moms back in 2008 wasn't going to work nearly quite so well this time around, the Dems had to get those soccer moms...(Read Full Post)